Esme Loans is closing and is not accepting any new loan applications. The Esme team will continue to serve our existing customers who have a loan with us. Existing customers can continue to log into their Customer Dashboard as usual to manage their loan with us.

If you have any questions, please call 0203 936 4800 and the team will be happy to help.
Privacy policy

How long we keep your information


By providing you with products or services, we create records that contain your information, such as customer account records, activity records, tax records and lending and credit account records. Records can be held on a variety of media (physical or electronic) and formats.

We manage our records to help us to serve our customers well (for example for operational reasons, such as dealing with any queries relating to your account) and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Records help us demonstrate that we are meeting our responsibilities and to keep as evidence of our business activities.

Retention periods for records are determined based on the type of record, the nature of the activity, product or service, the country in which Esme is located and the applicable local legal or regulatory requirements. We normally keep customer account records for up to six years after your relationship with the bank ends, whilst other records are retained for shorter periods for example twelve months for non-investment related call recordings. Retention periods may be changed from time to time based on business or legal and regulatory requirements.

We may on exception retain your information for longer periods, particularly where we need to withhold destruction or disposal based on an order from the courts or an investigation by law enforcement agencies or our regulators. This is intended to make sure that Esme will be able to produce records as evidence, if they’re needed.

If you would like more information about how long we keep your information, please contact us at Esme Loans Limited, 8 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4PL or, or contact us at 020 3936 4800.