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Paul Cooper - Director of Soundtronics

Paul borrowed £20,000 to avoid having to outsource production of his synthesiser panels. He found getting a loan from Esme was “very easy, efficient and quick” with “better terms and easier access”.

When the need to produce synthesiser panels in-house arose, Soundtronics needed to find a solution that meant they didn’t need to outsource.

When Soundtronics needed to produce synthesiser panels in-house, Paul began to investigate the world of business loans. Having taken a look online, Paul found Esme who were able to provide a “very easy, efficient and quick” borrowing service with “better terms and easier access”.

As a result of securing a £20,000 loan with Esme, Soundtronics have been able to produce front synthesiser panels on demand without having to outsource - a production line which has saved time, cost and allowed for a greater range of panels to be offered to their expanding, and increasingly demanding, base of customers.