Business stories

Here you can find out directly from our customers why they chose Esme and learn more about their expertise and experience. You’ll also find thought-provoking stories of inspiring and enterprising businesses that we’ve discovered along the way.

Esme Presents: The AI Pie

In an effort to demystify emerging technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we made use of the experimental GPT-2 model from Open AI to see if we could create tasty pie recipes and give useful insights into product development.

Jim Cregan – Founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

In 2011, Jim Cregan partnered up with his sister Suze to launch Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. From having just an idea and no experience, Jim tells us about his journey to running a company that now sells 1 carton every 5 seconds.

David Cliff - Founder of Senior Dating Agency

David borrowed over £37,500 to keep his online marketing going during cash flow squeezes. “I remember it being unbelievably simple and once I’d accepted the offer the funds were in the account within a couple of hours. The reason I went with Esme was the simplicity of arranging the loan.”

Joanna Hunter – MD of Piglets Pantry

Joanna borrowed £25,000 to buy more equipment and grow her business. “The process couldn’t have been simpler really, from the initial recommendation to conclusion of having the money available to spend, it all happened within 48 hours, which is quite incredible.

Josh Littlejohn – Founder of Social Bite

Social Bite has grown from one sandwich shop in Edinburgh to a social enterprise with 5 cafes, a restaurant and a housing programme, all with the aim of eradicating homelessness in Scotland. With customers including George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh shares his story on how he launched and grew his business.

David Burns – Founder of Notion PR

David borrowed £35,000 to expand his team and redesign the company website. “Esme were easy to work with and the most competitively priced. They are also really flexible, in a way I’ve not seen before.