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5 Ways to Keep your Employees Motivated this New Year

Returning to work after Christmas can often be a struggle for motivation. Here are 5 ways you can keep your staff motivated throughout the New Year.
5 Ways to Keep your Employees Motivated this New Year

The first few weeks back at work after Christmas and New Year are often a struggle for motivation. New targets and expectations could be set ready for the new year and staff often look for new jobs in their time off, so it’s important to keep your staff happy and motivated. Read on to find how to motivate staff this New Year.

Plan together


Motivation levels aren’t usually high when returning to work after the holidays, staff may be tired from having a busy break and the office conversation won’t always be about work. However, one way to keep everyone in high spirits and in a positive mood is to plan a catch-up with your employee’s to run through the New Year’s plans.

By getting everyone together to talk about new changes which may occur or any upcoming challenges, everyone has the opportunity to discuss the upcoming year alongside their plans and ideas. It also reinforces the idea that everyone is working together, along with the importance of teamwork and team goals.

New Year's resolutions


Sticking to New Year’s resolutions isn’t for everyone. Some people are driven and motivated, whereas some people get distracted and lose focus. By talking to your team about their personal and work-related resolutions, you can put together a plan of action to help support each other.

For example, throughout January, why not talk to your staff about their resolutions and plan to catch up with them each week to see how they’re getting on. This way, you can keep them motivated for their plans alongside supporting them.

Make changes


One of the best ways to keep a team motivated is to change the atmosphere or surroundings of their workplace every now and again. If it’s feasible, it may be a good idea to have a slight change of appearance in your office or workspace to inspire your employees.

For example, change the décor slightly or move tables and desks around. This injects something new into the office atmosphere and might just be what your employee’s need as their January motivation.

Talk to your staff


There will be specific ways to motivate each of your staff individually, as everyone has different needs. The best way to find out is to talk to them about how they want to be motivated and challenged throughout the New Year.

By talking to your staff personally to find out more about them, you can easily find out what the right incentives are to keep them happy, whilst addressing any other issues they may have.

Celebrate with your staff


Don’t forget to celebrate with your staff if you had success over the festive season. For example, if sales increased significantly, let your staff know that you’re grateful for their help by incentivising their hard work. By showing that you care about the hard work they put in, they may want to work harder in the future.

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