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How to Use LinkedIn to Promote your Brand

Join the Esme team as we share our top five tips to help you effectively promote your business through one of the leading social media channels for businesses today – LinkedIn.
How to Use LinkedIn to Promote your Brand

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available for reaching new customers and promoting your brand online. Using it well can make a major difference for your business’s overall performance.

One of the leading social channels for businesses today is LinkedIn. Since launching in 2003, it’s grown into the world’s leading media platform for professional networking, with over 500 million users.

Join the Esme team as we share our top five tips to help you promote your business through LinkedIn as well as possible.

1. Create an informative business profile


First things first: you need to create your business’s LinkedIn profile.

It’s important to be clear and thorough about what your business is, and the service you provide to customers. And be sure to include a detailed summary featuring relevant keywords, so that your business will appear in searches for related terms.

Your business profile should also include your business’ contact information and clear links to your website. This gives users the opportunity to research your business further, and take one step closer to conversion.

2. Add a LinkedIn button to your website


A linked in button is a small icon that can be integrated on to your site, along with other social media buttons. Below is an example of the LinkedIn button on the Esme site.


The button allows your website visitors to easily locate your LinkedIn page and follow you’re business’ activity. It will therefore grow your network and connect you with a genuinely interested audience that has the potential to convert.

3. Encourage every employee to link to your business page


Every LinkedIn user is able to list – in detail – their current employment, alongside their career history to date.

By encouraging your employees to link to your business within their own profile, you’ll extend your business’s network and gain brand exposure with a wider audience. It also creates a much more human feel, when potential customers can easily look through a company’s staff and find a little about them.

4. Once you have LinkedIn, be sure to use it


Once you’re on LinkedIn, it’s not enough to simply have a profile. You need to be active, posting content to attract users (and potential customers) and engaging in trending conversations and discussions.

Posting regular content on LinkedIn not only keeps your profile current, but it also encourages engagement. Any blog content or campaign coverage that you post on your website, should also be reviewed for LinkedIn. It can drive traffic and attract a larger audience back to your website.

Meanwhile, explore the various functions that LinkedIn offers by joining networks and following relevant people either in your industry or any industry that you’re looking to branch into. You’ll be able to connect with useful contacts – whether that’s people who could grow your business, or shop from it – and gain a more current understanding of your industry’s landscape than ever before, allowing you to capitalise on all the latest trends.

5. Be active in groups


A useful feature that helps promote your brand is the ability to start a group that is relevant to your business with people who are interested in your industry.

You can set up a group by logging into your account and clicking ‘work’ at the top of the page, followed by ‘groups’. Once the page has loaded, click on ‘create a new group’. Fill in the form and ensure that you choose ‘standard’ as this will allow your group to be visible when searched.

Alternatively, you can join current groups to start discussions and engage with users who could become potential customers or even a part of your business. To do this, just search a related term to your business or industry in the search bar at the top of the page. Under the search bar, you will see ‘People, Jobs, Content and More’. Click on ‘more’, followed by ‘Groups’, which will show you relevant existing groups based on your searched word.

How could Esme help?

To successfully promote your brand through any social media platform your business needs to engage with other users and work towards becoming a recognised brand within the market.

The biggest benefit of LinkedIn is that it lets you engage with business-minded people with all the ease that social media provides. If you’re not there already, head over to to start your next journey today!

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