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Five apps to boost productivity

Find out which apps could improve your productivity at work and at home; helping you organise your time so you can spend it more wisely
Five apps to boost productivity

The modern workplace is filled with distracting technology- from colourful computer displays to phone notifications. While we all have our own ways of staying organised and motivated at work, sometimes a little help is required. That’s where apps come in.

The rise of apps that claim to boost productivity has been tremendously fast, with software companies racing to create the next indispensable tool that businesses come to rely upon across the globe.

Apps for business productivity are popular for a reason: lots of them really could help. When implemented effectively across your business, these apps could positively impact your bottom line.

We've picked out five productivity apps that might just help you and your team stay on top of your game.

1. Slack


If your business is bogged down by emails, Slack is a communication app that could improve both your efficiency and productivity. With Slack, you can create channels where team members can quickly chat, share, and collaborate in an instant, ensuring conversations only involve the people they are relevant to. Everything is organised and searchable, so you can refer back to everything that takes place in Slack, and your staff can log on from wherever they are in the world.

More than just a productivity booster, Slack has become invaluable for teams who need to talk regularly no matter where they are, and that's why it has been dubbed one of the fastest-growing apps of recent years.

2. Trello


Trello is a project management app for people who hate project management. If the idea of tracking milestones and filling out lengthy reports makes you tremble with fear, Trello could calm your nerves and make organising your tasks an absolute breeze.

A highly visual, fun-to-use app, Trello allows you to create cards for each task within a project. These cards can be coloured according to their priority, and satisfyingly moved to your "finished jobs" column once they're completed. Trello makes collaboration across teams remarkably easy, no matter where colleagues are working from, and it’s free to use unless you want the additional features of its premium plan.

3. FocusList


With so many people online for the vast majority of their working day, distraction can be a drain on time and resources. FocusList – a time-management app that helps people plan all their daily tasks and assign a time slot for each one - leaves little time for scrolling through social media or procrastination. The app builds in a five-minute break for each 30-minute block of work, as per the Pomodoro Technique, and gives you feedback on how accurate your time estimates were once you finish each task. This ‘chunking up’ of the working day could increase focus, motivation and productivity by giving you short, achievable goals to work through and a healthy amount of breaks to refresh your mind.

4. Google Drive


There are a number of very popular storage apps available but Google Drive is hard to beat when it comes to ease of use, storage space, and collaborative working features.

If your company utilises other Google products such as Gmail and Google Calendar, the way Google Drive syncs up with your existing files, documents and data will make it the obvious choice of storage app. Once you start storing files in Google Drive, you can set permissions on who can view, edit, and share them, and organise them in a way that makes document retrieval simple and easy.

5. Dashlane


In an expanding company cyber-security is most likely one of your top priorities, so a password management app could make a world of difference. Dashlane ensures your passwords and logins remain securely saved for ease of use, and it also allows you to store and organise financial information and address details to make filling in online forms quick and easy. It’s a great tool for cyber-security.

While there are plenty of other productivity apps available, these five provide inexpensive ways of boosting productivity that could potentially see large time savings made by your business. If you’re looking to boost your productivity and update your business plan, you could benefit from a loan that gives you the financial ability to bring about positive change.

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