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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for your Employees

Christmas is just around the corner. Show your employees how much they mean to you with these 5 great gift ideas.
Top 5 Christmas Gifts for your Employees

With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to start thinking about what festive gifts to get your employees. Christmas gifts are a great way to make your employees feel special and valued. In this blog post, we will look at the 5 gifting ideas for your employee’s this year.

Practical gifts for employees


Useful and practical presents can be great for gifting employees, and they don’t usually carry a heavy price tag either. If you work in an office, there are a huge variety of gifts which your staff could not only appreciate, but get great use out of. A quality stationery hamper makes a great, practical present for those who love to stay organised.

Diaries and desk storage are popular work-related gifts as well as novelty gifts such as mug warmers and personalised USBs. Other inexpensive gifts which come in handy on the job include flasks, umbrellas and desk plants.

On-trend gifts for employees


What does everyone really want this Christmas? By keeping on top of gift trends in the lead up to the festive season you can impress your employee’s with a gift they may have already had their eyes on. Tech gadgets were very popular for gifting last year, but what trends are coming next?

For 2019, popular Christmas gift trends include experience gifts; this could be a meal and wine voucher or tickets to a local theatre show. Homeware gifts are also on-trend for 2019; popular ideas may include handy kitchenware such as a cafetiere for a coffee-lover or personalised apron for someone who loves cooking.

Larger gifts for employees


As a business owner, you may feel like treating your staff to something extra special or expensive this year, especially if sales have been good. Great ideas on a larger scale include Christmas salary bonuses and electronics such as tablets or iPads. Gifts on this scale could be useful for your staff and greatly appreciated.

Although this is a lovely and deserving idea, make sure your Christmas spirit is just as positive in the coming years. This doesn’t mean you have to splash out all the time, but if your staff receives a generous bonus one year and not the following, they may begin to think they haven’t performed well enough.

Gift cards for employees


There’s nothing wrong with giving your employees gift cards – in fact, it is quite a smart idea since not all of your staff will want the same gift. Everyone has completely different tastes, so by asking what everyone’s favourite shops are, you can get an idea of a gift card they would appreciate.

Gift cards are a great idea if you have a lot of staff to buy for. A variety of popular brands offer gift cards from coffee shops and cinemas to retail and restaurants. Purchasing your staff members a different gift card with the same monetary value means everyone’s gift is fair but will be valued just as much.

Secret Santa gift for employees


If you are looking to create a festive atmosphere before the Christmas break, encourage your workplace to partake in a game of Secret Santa this year. If your employees are buying small, secret gifts for each other why not add an additional gift from yourself without them knowing who it was from.

This is a good idea if you want to gift each of your employees something special, but rather it was kept a secret. If you work in a smaller business, this could be a great way to show your employees some appreciation by buying them each something you know they’d love. As it’s a secret, it takes the pressure off them buying you a gift in return.

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