We’re here to support business. That’s why we’ve put together a range of guides, hints, tips and insights that we think could help improve your understanding across a wide range of business topics.


5 Steps to Successfully Scaling Your Business

Running a business is full of challenges and scaling can be one of the biggest. Join the Esme team as we look at the top 5 things you should know for successfully scaling your business

How to Write a Press Release – Top Tips from a PR Agency

Press coverage can be a great way of increasing awareness of your product or brand. Key to gaining press coverage is having a good release. Here we explain how to write and structure your press releases.

Paid, Earned and Owned Media – What’s the Difference?

David Burns founder of Notion PR looks at the difference between paid, earned and owned media.

From Startup to Scaleup

You’re not a startup anymore, you’re a scaleup – a growing, dynamic SME that’s helping to power the UK economy. We’ve talked to the experts, from trade bodies to community support hubs to tech firms who have made it, about how you grow well and find the right support to become a forward-thinking, resilient SME.

How Can Consumer Trends Affect My Business

Consumer trends are constantly changing, whether it’s societies’ relationship with technology or growing concerns with the environment – so it’s beneficial for companies to consider and identify these consumer trends as they could influence a business and its future.

The Trendiest Small Business Ideas for 2019

Thinking of a good business idea that can flourish in a growing market can be challenging. Here at Esme, we’ve been very busy reviewing market data, growth predictions and Google Trends to find the four best new-age business ideas for 2019, from vegan food to craft gin.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook has an enormous 1.7 billion users, which means having a business profile allows you to tap into that pool and expand your customer reach. What’s better, is that Facebook is completely free for businesses.

How to Hire the Right Staff - Tips From Business Owners

Advice from business owners who have been there and done that is pretty much priceless. That’s why we’ve teamed up with three successful business owners to tap into their recruitment knowledge and ultimately find out how to hire the right staff.

Best Apps to help Improve your Business Workflow

It’s always worth looking at each area of your business and see what resources are available that could improve certain aspects of your business or make them more efficient. There are hundreds of free online tools and apps available that can help with all aspects of running a business, from expenses and accounting to project management and marketing.

The best emerging technologies for small businesses

Technology has evolved into an integral part of society, affecting how businesses operate and their services. With technologies such as AR and VR you can give your customers a unique experience that could set you apart from direct competitors.

How to Take Your Business Global

In order to create a global expansion plan for a business, it’s crucial for owners to consider all aspects of their business and their market to maximise the chances of international success.

What Is A Workplace Pension and Do I Need One

In order to live comfortably after retirement, you’ll need a pot of cash, also known as a pension. A pension, more specifically a workplace pension, allows people to save for their retirement with support from the state and their employer.

Improving workplace culture – tips from a business owner

Workplace culture has the power to either strengthen or undermine your business’ objectives. A positive workplace culture aims to keep employees happy and motivated, as well as attract prospective talent.

Tips for Women in Business from a Female Entrepreneur

Starting a business can bring a lot of challenges, so advice from entrepreneurs who have been in that position is priceless and could get you on the road to success much quicker.

Are commercial loans easy to get?

A commercial loan is a convenient and effective way for a business to obtain finance. The easiness of getting a commercial loan, depends on the type of loan, lender and financial health of your business.

How to Write a Business Plan

Business planning is vital to start and grow a business. Writing a business plan is a crucial first step, it will force you to think and scrutinise how best you can operate your business and maximise profit.

The dos and don'ts of Business Loans

To ensure you’re applying for a loan in a responsible and secure fashion, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of a loan application process and all the requirements that must be fulfilled in order for loans to be made and repaid.

What is a business continuity plan?

A downturn in your business could strike at any moment and preparing your business for a rocky period can give it the best chance of success. This is where a business continuity plan comes in.

Diversification in business – is it a good idea?

If you’re looking to grow your business, one popular strategy is business diversification. This involves broadening your business's opportunities by entering new markets or offering new services to attract new customers.

5 Steps to Help Grow your Business

Whether you’re diversifying or looking to offer a new product, growing your business can help increase profit and improve your success. If you’re considering growing your business, the first step is to prepare your business.

What is competitor research and why is it important?

Understanding who your business is competing with can help you prepare and identify gaps in the market to grow your business. A lack of competitor research could do the exact opposite.

How to get a Business Loan

It’s not uncommon for businesses to require large sources of capital in order for them to progress and grow, whether that be to finance expansions, cover day-to-day running costs, acquire stock, hire new staff or buy new equipment.

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote your Brand

One of the leading social channels for businesses today is LinkedIn. Since launching in 2003, it’s grown into the world’s leading media platform for professional networking, with over 500 million users.

A Step by Step Guide to Applying for a Small Business Loan

Investing in your business with a loan can provide a number of opportunities, whether you are looking to expand your business or hire experienced staff. Preparing your business beforehand could increase your chances of getting approved.

How to Maintain Good Business Credit

Running a successful business comes with a number of obligations and maintaining good business credit should be a priority. Good credit can say a lot about your business’ ability to manage its finances and increase your chance of securing finance.

Business Loan Comparison Guide: What to Watch

There are a range of business loan options available so it's highly important to ensure you're choosing a loan that matches your business's needs and meets your objectives.

What are the most profitable business sectors for 2019?

It’s key to have a complete understanding of today’s market, knowing which trends, products and sectors are driving the most consumer interest and generating enormous profits as a result. It allows you to introduce new stock or services to cater ever-changing preferences.

How to know when you're ready for business expansion

For many SMEs, business expansion is a sign of success and the opportunity to increase profit. However, in practice, it can be an uncertain affair, involving large amounts of money being invested without an immediate guarantee of a return.

5 reasons why a new business loan might be the perfect solution

Investing in your business is essential to improving its chances of finding success and making profit. This can take many forms, whether it’s buying new equipment, hiring new staff or upscaling to a larger premises.

Cash flow

As money goes out of your business earlier and faster than it comes in, it’s easy to see how your business can fall short of funds while you’re trying to grow.

Digital marketing for SMEs

Digital marketing can be a very effective way to reach potential customers. Using the right web platforms to find your target audience is efficient and cost-effective.

What is a business loan?

It’s no secret that businesses need capital in order to thrive. That’s where business loans (also known as commercial loans) can provide the boost your business needs to keep growing.

Are Online Business Loans Safe?

When you own a business, it’s crucial to be streetwise about online security. Read our top tips for detecting online fraud, and learn to identify legitimate lenders.

How to get a 100k business loan

Join the Esme team as we explain the eligibility requirements that need to be met in order to apply for loans of up to £100,000.

Is there such a thing as an instant business loan?

An instant business loan may seem highly attractive. After all, if you need additional capital then surely the quicker it’ll arrive, the better? Here we look into what an instant business loan really means.

How to stay on top of your business’s finance

Whether you’re a beginner entrepreneur taking your first steps into the big world of business, or an established owner contemplating expansion, it’s vital to have a thorough understanding of your finances. We share top tips on how to keep on top of your income and expenditure.

What is Working Capital?

Having a full understanding of your working capital could be the difference between seeing your business flourish, or slip into the red. Here we explain what working capital is, and how you can use it to measure your business’ financial health.